Monday, December 31, 2007

I was out working in my shop today pondering polotices ,perticulerly global worming . It struck me after listening to all the crap liberals say about our curent President i.e. He was selected not elected ect. ect.ect. Well what does Al Gore have to complain about really since he lost the election he has single handedly saved the entire world from ourselves and has the award to prove it. He has given the left wing ingniopods there next cause which can easily be solved by ceaseing to exist yes if we all became extremely selfish and quit having children and only indulged in all natural ,organic, recycled, hallogen fun in only a century we could solve the global worming problem the pollution problem the endangered species problem OH! wait humans are a speicies and our extinction although the only apparent solution it is also a problem-Crap basicaly we are all up crap creek but not really because even crap creek has an endangerd fish in it these days so I recen im just going to keep poppin out kids and driving my big SUV and eating my geneticly altered super foods and guess what I AM HAPPY so leave me alone.