Saturday, April 5, 2008

New Bike vs Dishes

Two days ago Mike was out fixing all the kid's bikes and making sure the tires were great. He was looking at Owen's bike and says, "Is that the same size as Frans'?" We line the bikes up and sure enough its the same size as Frans' bike. I have been telling him that we need to get Owen a new bike as his is too small and the chain keeps falling off. Mike decides I am right (miracles of miracles!!). I tell Owen on Friday, "Hey if you load and unload the dishwasher then we'll get you a new bike tonight." He looks at me and does the "hummm" thing. Then he finally says, "I don't think so, I'll just ask for a bike at Christmas." I was shocked at first...what? Then I say, "Well, you want to wait until Christmas...when you won't even be able to ride it because its cold outside?" He looks at me with his amazing blue eyes, scratches his head, then says, "Well I'll just ride Haylee's bike." Pause. "The only problem with her bike is that its pink....maybe we can spray paint it blue!" His excitement rises until I tell him firmly, "You are not going to spray paint Haylee's bike. Its her bike and she likes to ride it too." Spray paint Haylee's bike!!! WHAT? I am thinking to myself. He would rather spray paint his sisters bike than do a few dishes to get a new one? He stood by his decision and so Mike told me he doesn't need a new bike apparently. CRAZY!