Saturday, January 31, 2009


Okay so this is Mike's profile picture on his facebook...should I be embarrassed. I mean its a good thing I know his sense of humor and most of you do as well. The thing you all don't realize about those teeth he has is that the front tooth was loose and everytime he would talk or breath it would fling out. Just so you know this is how he dressed up for a host a murder game we had a while back. He was an english pilot. What a goof ball!

Mom, are you like a snake?

The other night I was in my room enjoying me time. I put on a grape seed face peel you know it makes your skin really shinny and tight. Well there was some crisis with the kids and I come out and tried to deal with it...forgetting that I had this stuff on my face. All kids stop the moment I step out of my room. "Mom what is that?!" So I begin to start peeling it off my face...Frans sits and stares at me and stares at me. Finally he says, "So do you do that a lot?"
"Well, when I have time."
"Oh, well so are you like a snake?" I thinking WHAT? But I say, "What do you mean?"
"If you skin peels off like that then your like a snake...will that happen to me?" Needless to say I laughed and laughed. There he is my paranoid child.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Face Book Vs Blog

Okay so I gave in and signed up for facebook. I am trying to figure out which is better facebook or blog? Any opinions out there...let me know what you think. I am leaning towards blog just because I know how to use it better. Oh, yeah we got internet so I will be blogging and such more often as time allows me to get to the computer.


I guess the latest news is that I am home-schooling Haylee now. I was talking to the Special Ed teacher and I just had this feeling that Haylee was not getting what she needed at the school. She is so sweet and its easy to forget about her...I am sure that is what was happening at the I called and IEP meeting and told them that I would be taking her out of school the very next day. Thank goodness for Ronda and her help with answering all my questions--or else I would be completely lost. She has been home for a week and a half and we are figuring it all out. I think she thought it would be easy at home and its not...Mom's are a lot tougher than teachers. She starts school at 8 and we finish about 1:30 everyday. Mike is taking care of her science on Fridays. Haylee is a little miffed that she still has to do school on Saturday too but until she gets caught up thats the way it will be. I have to say that this new development is forcing me to be much more organized and stuck to a schedule everyday...I guess that is a good thing. Molly and Mikaydi are a little bit more wild these days but I am working on that. I just feel this has added a whole new level of being busy.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Really Really Bad Week!

So the WA Hokanson's have started the new year off with a bang! Do you remember in high school when you played sports and the first week (heck week) when they condition and push you to build up your endurance? Well this last week and half has been our own personal heck week. Where do I start...oh yeah. First on Monday (before new years) Mike got into a work truck and wrenched his back and then we went to Tri-Cities...his back getting worse and worse. We stop to get a perscription for Haylee and our Suburban dies...bad like we have to call Mom and Dad to come save us (and Jeff). Mike can't help us get the burb on the trailer so I have to help Dad...let me tell you it was like I was a teenager again...I smashed my thumb in between the chain and the trailer and comes over grabs my thumb, shakes it and says "its not broken," as I am howling in pain. We then take mom's car home and they haul the burb to Mattawa. Mike is laid up until Wednesday (new years eve) and then decided he's well enough to change the tires on the little car...HA! Next thing I know he is crawling into the house in great pain. So he's laid up in bed and I am now in charge of feeding the cows. On the 1st I am making my way to feed the cows and I realize that it is really slippery...I tell Frans and Owen "be careful its slippery." As soon as the words left my mouth I twisted my ankle and fell. I sat in the snow and laughed because I thought it was funny...until I tried to get up and walk. I soon realized I had hurt my ankle really bad as I couldn't walk on it. I had Owen run in and get Mike's walking stick and I still couldn't walk inside so I crawled on my hands and knees across the yard in the snow to get inside. When our home teacher got there Mike hunched over his stick me laying on the floor with a rapidly bruising ankle...we just started was either that or crying. We must of looked insane! Okay long story short...I sprained my ankle really bad--Frans (big F) took me to the Doctor--I barely have started walking on it today with assistance from crutches still. The next night we were up at 3 in the morning getting Jax a bottle and Mike hobbled to the sink and turn on the water--no water! Our water froze...the next two night Jax didn't sleep and started having a hard time breathing...turns he has broncitis ( I am sure the spelling is wrong). Things are looking up a bit though. We are thankful for all the awesome ward members bringing us meals and helping us can anyone live with out the RS and hometeachers?

Family Slide Show

Okay so the family slide show money and distribution of DVD's is being made by Patty (mom). She is the one that collected the money and is mailing the DVD's so if anyone thinks they need one--call Aunt Patty. I do know that she did give Ann 3 DVD's so (Debbie) maybe you can talk to her about one. Thanks! Jenny