Monday, November 30, 2009

Directv Stinks!

Okay so all of you readers out there I want you to know if you have a choice between Directv and Dish please choose Dish network!! I am currently stuck in a contract with Directv. The only channels Mike and I like are TLC, Discovery, Food Network and Hallmark. Should I have to pay $55.00 for four channels?? Apparently! Oh and by the way you will get MTV and all sorts of crap channels that will distroy your kid's lives. But hey you can lock the channels (why pay $55 for four channels?) kids these days can't break the codes. I have been told that Dish Network will swap channels so please go with them. Plus Directv's support is seriously lacking. First I call and talk to Harrison (real names are used if you want badge numbers please email me) who tells me that his supervisior is way to busy to talk to me--WHAT? I tell him if they are too busy then your company has a problem. So I take his name and ask for his badge number and tell him I am writing down that he won't let me talk to a supervisor. Hey guess what I got to talk to his too busy supervisor Ashley (yes real name). She tells me she can help me and I am very grateful but in the end she can't she gives me this package that cancels the good channels like food network and hallmark and gives me channels like Comedy Central (dirty jokes and all) but it does have TLC and discovery. We discover this after I hang up the phone. So I call back and of course there is no possible way to talk to the same people even if you have their names and badge numbers. I get to talk to Mark who gets me to his supervisor right away (one good point), Nancy. Nancy can't help me out at all they don't do anything like that the only channel they offer alacart is some obscure channel like outdoors man. She can't give me any help all she repeats to me over and over again is "contact directv at" and leave some suggestions. Or she can send me a list of channel packages and prices--are you kidding me!! Please people go to DISH NETWORK!!!! I will be the minute my contract is up and trust me if I could afford to I would cancel today! If anyone would like to leave comments about their directv experience I will forward it on to directv.