Monday, October 26, 2009

The Honesty of 5 year olds!

Okay so Molly turned 5 this month and along with it apparently she has found the wonderful tact only a 5 year old can have. You all know it things like--"Uh, oh that lady is in big trouble she drew all over her arm!" (Tattooes) Of course she doesn't say this quietly. Then there is always the people who are smoking outside the stores, "Oh man smoking is BAD! That means he is a bad man, gross!" Of course the guy was actually nice and said, "your right smoking is bad." On our way into the store. My personal favorite---we are at Wal Mart in the cold section. The next thing I know Molly yells (and I mean yells) "Hey that guy's crack it showing!" I look up and see this guy bending over trying to choose eggs (like its a tough decision or something). I am trying not to laugh while thinking to myself "more like a half moon" lets just say I quickly turned the cart around and went the other way. Trying not to laugh the whole time. I shouldn't forget that just this evening Mike told Molly she needed to pick up the dining room. Her response "I don't want to be Cinderella---she's a cleaning lady!" Apparently asking her to clean is treating her like Cinderella. Ya gotta love this stage in childhood it brings lots of embarassing looks but also lots of laughs for later years!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Frans and his spider trap!

Okay so the other day Frans starts making a checklist. He comes and tells Mike and I that he has a "spider checklist" Of course being the awesome parents that we are we say, "uh huh," and don't think another thing about it. Then the next thing we notice is Frans gathering up all sorts of stuff. A chip, piece of pop tart, peanut butter and at this point we start asking some more questions. Frans what are you doing? "I am making a spider trap" he says. Mike and I look at each other and are like oookay. Then the next thing we know he is climbing up on a chair and picking flies off the fly strip (yes we have fly strips the only way to get the flies under control) Mike follows him and he sees Frans putting all the spider trapings together and asks Frans to explain. I didn't hear the explainations but Mike said it was pretty funny. It ended with Frans putting his spider trap in the laundry room--so spiders won't get into his bathroom. Mike took pictures and then decided to catch some spiders and put them in his spider far two spiders are stuck in the peanut butter! There is just nothing like a child's own invention. Yeah for imagination!