Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Okay so I have to just say "Gossip sucks!" People (women mostly) get sucked into these conversations with people and the next thing you know you are either gossiping or listening to the gossip thinking..."YOUR KIDDING!" The problem is the damage that can happen when people aren't careful about what they say. How many of you out there listen to someone talking about someone else and think, "Gee I wonder what they say about me behind my back?" Yes, I have been there and thought those things. I can't say I am perfect--I am sure I listen a little too much and therefore I am guilty. I occasionally listen to Dr. Laura and some of the things she says makes perfect sense. She tells us that we need to rid ourselves of poisionious relationships. I have to say that gossip relationships are probably the most poisionious of all. The damage that is done when someone ASSUMES something is irreverisble and then to top it off they go and tell someone else about what they have ASSUMED! When in all reality there is no truth to it. I am here to tell you today that I will not partake in these damaging relationships anymore. Whether it be family, friend or foe if you want to be around me, be invited to my home, be my friend know this: I will not be around this kind of damaging behavior. If you partake in this I will not be around you. That is all I have to say today!!!

You're Never Too Old To Learn From Your Mother

Okay so I was talking to Mike and he told me the following story and I love the lesson we learn from this. My mother-in-law, Karlee, was doing some family history stuff for her mother. Karlee is like in her mid-60's and her mother is in her late 80's. Karlee was working on copying her mother's book of rememberance (or something like that). Well Karlee being as active as she is accidently misplaces part of the book. Instead of immediately telling her mother she goes and looks here and there trying to find it. After a couple of days of extreme worry and near heart failure she decides that she must go and confess what has happened to her mother. With a sinking heart and the weight of keen disappointment on her shoulders she finally tells her mother that she is terribly sorry but has lost this book. Her mother says, "No you didn't." Karlee thinking that her mother is old and not understanding, tries to explain what has happened. Then her mother tells her, "No you didn't lose it, its right over here." Karlee finds out that the book had slipped behind the computer and her mother had found it. Karlee spent all that time feeling sick about this mistake that really hadn't happened. If she would of just come right to her mother and told her what she'd thought had happened she could of avoided days of worry and heartache! It just goes to show us that we are never to old to learn from our mothers. So the next time you look in the mirror or say a key phrase and you think, "I am turning into my mother!" Maybe its really not such a bad thing, after all your mother raised and made you who you are today!

Monday, October 8, 2007

she is perfect

hey this is the fart mister the bester of shrek the releaser of toxic fummmes and the bad speller i figured i better read the things my wife has been writing about me interesting! well what can i say about her as you may know she is perfect i cant think of a singel flaw becouse if i did she has got some kind of radar that instantly gose off then your cought no trapped is a better word for it forget about trying to lie your way out of it so i,ve learned over the past ten years to always tell the truth example me hey dear whats wrong with your eye wife what do you mean! me in my mind i think( o crap i steped in it up to my nostrils and am about to suficate )but i say o its nothing wife no realy what do you mean! me fear surges through me im not good with fear so i freeze and in an atemp to try to squeeze out of the situation i say you got same kind of a spock thing going on ( did i realy say that the pile o crap i steped in must have clouded my judgmet wife what!! its hope less by this piont eny explination eny bribery not even pritty stinky flowers will save me. no thats not what i ment your eyebrowes dont point up i just never noticed one of your eyes is lower then the other wife what!!!! ok truth is im not that bright can you tell eny way putting the rest of the night ion the line i go all out with the truth o it must of just been a smug on the mirror when you look right at me you look just fine

Seattle Freaks

Okay no offense to anyone that lives in Seattle but there are some real freaks over there. I went with my friends to Seattle for the weekend and had a blast. The only thing that really over shadowed anything was the weird political freaks on the street corners. On one corner this man was asking everyone if they cared at all--I almost stopped and said "Yeah, I do and quite frankly your the problem!" Of course then I am sure I would have been flogged by the masses as my political views in no way matches probably anyone in King County. Oh, and by the way if you are ever going to sit outside a restaurant and beg for food and money then maybe you should: 1. Leave your pet at home or where ever--if you are starving eat the animal or better yet sell it for some food money 2. Don't sit their with your full pack of cigarettes and smoke all night long--kick the habit use the money for food 3. You might want to put the food you are eating away for later--you don't look like your starving when your poping food in your mouth every five minutes. 4. Maybe you should take out the diamond stud nose peircing and 5. Maybe you shouldn't wear next to new nike shoes! I mean really I don't have anything against the homeless but I am not going to help someone that is doing the above. Other than some of the freaky people it was a great trip. I went to this restaurant called "The Melting Pot" and it was awesome. It's a fondue food place. We had to pick a cheese, pick sauce to cook our meats and then pick our chocolate. I thought I died and went to heaven. I also really enjoyed a food tour that we went on called Savor Seattle. Of course I don't like fish but I tried to be a good sport and ate some salmon...wanted to puke but held it together. However, they had enough other things that it was well worth it to me. We went to a wine tasting place and they were very respectful of the fact that I do not drink alcohol and instead they put out a 100% concord grape juice and apple juice--it was very tasty. It was just a fun experience. Oh, yeah and I also went to the Science Center--I had forgotten how fun that could be. I want to take my kids there instead of getting them christmas presents. Well, maybe we'll go to the dollar store and get a few cheap gifts so they have something to open on Christmas day. I just think that would be fun. I guess I'll just have to explain to my kids about the Seattle Freaks before we go!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Father's and Sons

These are pictures that Owen and Frans took of each other and their dad in June. They went to father's and sons campout and had a blast. I think both Frans and Owen did a great job on taking pictures. Maybe one of them will have a career in photography. Who knows? Well I have to say that they have a lot of fun camping and I guess its a good time for them to bond. I know that me and the girls have fun at home doing girl things like painting finger nails and such while they are gone.


Mikaydi is our 20 month old baby. She is a lot of fun right now as she is starting to talk. Daddy always likes to teach her things she shouldn't say--fortunately she hasn't picked up on any of those words--yet. She is really into following the other kids around and tries to do what they do. Molly getting potty trained taught her to say, "good girl" any time anyone is on the toilet and she sees. Lately though her favorite word is "ewww". So she steps in something its "ewwww", she gets something on her hand its "ewww", she poops her pants its "ewww". She says it in the most funny situations too. Dad lets one rip its "ewww", and boy oh boy we all echo Mikaydi's words there. Someone burps its the same. Its funny because its almost like she is prim and proper with her "ewww" and yet she has no problem throwing anything and everything into the toilet and then picking it back out. About a week ago I actually about threw up when she took something out of the toilet and put it to her mouth. I washed her mouth out with soap and said, "ewwww gross!" Then the next couple of days she spent walking into the bathroom looking at the toilet and saying, "ewwww". Maybe with any luck she is done being a toilet player.

A True Dinning Experience

Here's a picture of our five little kiddy kats! Now picture taking all five out to dinner and not at McDonalds. Everyone once in awhile my husband and I decide that we should take our children to a nicer place to eat. We tell ourselves its because they need to learn to handle themselves somewhere besides McDonalds or Burger King. I personally think it's because Mike, husband, doesn't like McDonalds and want's something else. Last Friday we decided to take them to a pizza buffet. We get there and I run in to check prices before allowing the kids to get out of the car. We decide its reasonable enough as the youngest two are free--HURRAH!Before we go in Mike tells them, "No running, no jumping around, you can't go get your food yourself..." I tune half of it out as I think--yeah, right. I glance back at the kids and see their glazed over expressions and realize that they too don't have a clue as to what he has said or they hear...blah blah blah. Kind of like Charlie Brown listening to his teacher. After Mike's sermon on how we all should act...including me (I need to help the kids...we can't let them run...don't let them crawl over the bench...) and I wonder "he must think that I don't help him at all." Its not like I don't take the kids everywhere I go...shopping...haircuts...dentist appointments...you name they are with me 24-7. Bless his heart for being nieve enough to think that the kids will actually listen to him and not go beserk as soon as they enter the restaraunt. Anyway we go into the pizza place and discover soon after we pay that they have an arcade type place in back...strike one. Then looking around we find a booth large enough for our brood and sit there. I barely noticed the nice looking couple (I think the guy was prettier than the gal) on a date right behind us...strike two. I also take a minute to notice the flat screen TV that is right above our table, I think it will be nice to see the news...strike three. So about half way through dinner I notice Mike getting paler and paler, with a napkin he wipes the sweat from his brow. I ask him if he's okay and he replies, "The sooner we get out of here the better." I assume he is refering to the circus act our children are putting on for the rest of the diners. First thing Owen says is: "I've got to go to the bathroom, by myself." Oh, crap he noticed the arcade at the back. It doesn't help the the staff gives each kid two tokens. Like two tokens is ever enough for a seven year old. I guess its a good strategy on their part. We finally get everyone something to eat and I get to go and get something for myself--mothers are always last. I come back to see Molly trying to summersaults on the "soft" bench. I quickly tell her to stop only to watch in horror as she leaps to the back of the bench and reaches over...saying "hi". The nice looking couple quickly try to move away. I guess it might of helped if she didn't have pizza sauce covering her hands, face, and arms. Just when you think that the worst is over you try to stop Frans from fighting with Owen or was it Mikaydi--not sure couldn't really see through the flying pizza remains. I am just praying at this point that one doesn't stick to the TV right above us. Its no wonder I never over eat at a buffet with my kids--after one trip to the pizza bar we have to leave before the people around us call child protective services...by the look in Mike's eyes they would too. In fact maybe I should right a new diet book about taking five kids with you to eat everywhere--its almost like a workout. Then finally to top the evening off you run into someone you haven't seen in years. As they take in your rumpled now pizza stained clothes, your wild curly hair and smudged make up (if your lucky enough to not actually have mascara running down your cheeks) they look at you as if you need to be in a straight jacket. On the drive home Mike says, "That wasn't too bad, we should do that more often!"

Hats off to Molly

Molly is doing very well at potty training for the last two weeks!! We haven't had to listen to her say, "Mikaydi did it!" In response to our question, "Did you pooh your pants?" We tried not to laugh at her blaming her sister but she said it with such seriousness that it was very difficult not to crack a smile. We may have a potty trained cumpulisive liar on our hands now...but hey no poop to clean up so maybe its not such a bad trade off. I believe I can say we have a potty trained girl and we made it by her 3rd birthday which is on the 12th! Hats off to Molly!