Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Frans...

Frans turns 9 today! Wow time really does fly by. Frans is such a fun boy to have in our family. He is so full of joy & life you can't help but smile at him. He played football for the first time this year and just loved it...then again Frans loves everthing even if he isn't the best one out there. I have a feeling that this attitude is going to take Frans very far in life. Frans' team was the Connell Eagles and he played on the line as he is one of the bigger kids.

Frans got his wolf badge in September. He loves cub scouts and has a great time with all the other boys. He is always excited to pass off things and earn new beltloops & badges. I hope this continues as he gets into Boy Scouts and works toward his eagle.

Frans is always joking around with his siblings and playing pranks. He has grown 4.5 inches since June this year. We hope he will be tall but you never really know.

Frans and Bode are best friends. Frans always is asking for Bode to come over to our house. They pretty much have been this way since Kindergarten.

Even when Bode accidently cut Frans & he got 4 stitches...Frans still said Bode was his best friend. I am glad Frans has such a good friend. Occationally Frans and Bode get into a little mischief but I guess that is to be expected Boys will be boys I guess. These two boys will be fun to watch grow up together & see how they turn out. Happy Birthday Frans--we love you!