Monday, March 12, 2012


Well February has come and gone. February for me is always a time of reflection on the life's is Haylee's Birthday & Mikaydi's. Both beautiful girls & both sweetly remind me that miracles happen everyday. 14 years ago Haylee was born & she shows me everyday what a blessing & miracle she is in our lives. She works so hard & is doing so well at over coming her disabilities--she is amazing! Then 6 years ago Mikaydi came & proved once again how miracles happen everyday. She quit breathing in my arms & after the life flight crew told me I probably wouldn't see her alive again--I was numb...or at least I thought at the time. What was really happening & what I know for a fact today is that in our darkest hours our Savior carries us through. He wraps us with warmth & peace & we realize we will be ok. Thankfully for our family we were blessed!! Hugely!! After 2 weeks in the ICU she pulled through & made a full recovery. On Mikaydi's birthday I am always so thankful I got to keep her & I really can't imagine life without her wonderful personality. Wow--2012 it is true life goes by so fast.

Mikaydi this fall / Mikaydi in Spokane ICU

Haylee 2 years ago / Haylee this year

. Haylee turned 14...yes 14! We are talking about dances & highschool coming up & make up & (sometimes) boys. I can't believe how much she has changed in the last couple of years--its both scary & amazingly wonderful. She has gained such a confidence in herself--wow with all she has to deal with she absolutely amazes me!