Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jax, Poop, Molly and Mikaydi's Room

Okay if the title doesn't scare you--well you should be scared to read the following it is not for the faint of heart. I was gone on Jan 22 to mom's house to scrapbook for Friday and Saturday. Just know that I did not go to sleep until 4 am. I got home on Saturday at 2:30 pm. Mike was in bed--sick (he says). I knew it was going to be bad but nothing could of prepared me for what was waiting at home. I walk in and the dinning room floor has cereal (I mean like a whole bad) all over the floor, dishes piled everywhere...just imagine the biggest mess you've ever seen and triple it. Not to mention it smelled like fish through out the house (I can't stand the smell of fish). Even though I am tired I roll up my sleeves and dive into cleaning the kitchen all the while talking calmly to my children encouraging them to clean the rest of the house while I am cleaning the kitchen (Okay you know and I know that it wasn't quite like that). I pinesol'ed the kitchen and soon had it smelling like lemons instead of fish. As I was finishing the kitchen I told Owen to go and help Molly and Mikaydi pick up their room. Owen says, "uhmm, well what about the poop?" WHAT?!! I tell him to clean up the poop spot and move on. A few minutes later Molly and Mikaydi are playing in the dining room and I tell Molly to get in her room and pick up all the toys. She says, "Well theres like kind of a lot of poop around." I decide that maybe I should take a look. Let's just say Jax had his diaper off probably for awhile. There was poop on the bed, poop on the floor, poop on the bouncey horse and I think you get the picture. I asked Haylee and Owen what happened and they told me: "Well Jax kept taking his diaper off so we just let him." Are you kidding me? It was not like Molly's room was even closed to being clean in fact it was just as big a mess as the rest of the house. I got the pinesol and scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed down the girls' room. Completely disinfected--so I guess it has come to the stage where poop is the new play-doh. All Jax does is give you his cute smile and pulls his diaper off--cute is definitely deceiving!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mikaydi Sleeping

Okay just a quick funny...Mikaydi likes to crawl into my bed in the morning (mostly because she is cold). A lot of the time I will get in with her (after the kids have gone on the bus) and never fail every morning she falls back to sleep. The thing is when you sleep with Mikaydi she has some serious leg moving going on. She throws her legs around like little feelers (you know feeling around for stuff) and once she feels your body, with her feet, then she sucks herself close to your own body. She pushes her little bum into your side and wiggles til she gets comfortable. The thing is its generally the most uncomfortable thing for you though. Oh, if she weren't so cute I couldn't handle it.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Floors

First of all I can never figure out how to get pictures on to the blog the way I want so if it seems like my pictures all in weird order then its because I am retarted. Here is the new office flooring. It makes it alot nicer for moving around in our chair. The kids actually helped out a ton--really they weren't always in the way. Mike thinks the must be union workers though because they kept asking for a was funny. It was nice that the project got finished so quickly. Not a big space but I think Mike learned alot by doing this. Now maybe I can scrapbook more...