Saturday, May 16, 2009

Litttle League Tourament

Okay so I am not sure how to rotate this picture so look sideways. Notice his dirty face.

Here is Owen's team they took fourth. They did a great job and they were the youngest team there.
Owen did a great job at catcher--I wish I had a picture of him diving for the ball, he did it a couple of times today. I think it must be in his blood! This is why he had such a dirty face in the above picture--a true ball player!

Here is Owen batting and running to first, he had a few good hits today. I think next year we need to work on getting him to relax more at the plate. When he is relaxed he does awesome! He is a very fast runner and a great slider. He gets his toes pointed and was called safe. Todays tournament went smoothly and I thought it was a great day. There were a few things that came up but nothing unmanagable. I really enjoyed the ball today--I love BALL! If I could go back and do it again I would make straighter foul lines. (Ha!) I don't think I will be volunteering to run the tournament next year. I want to coach Frans and Molly in T ball. Ball for the Hokanson's is over for the year. If you want to see more picts check it out on facebook I will put them all there.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Toilet Surprises!!

Everyday is a new adventure. In fact each time I go into the bathroom its a new adventure...what kind of surprises will be waiting there for me today? Yes, the bathroom the place of choice to play for Jax, Molly and Mikaydi. Of course it might not be so bad if it were in their bathroom but no it has to be the master bath. After all Mom, "its got carpet and its soft!" as Molly tells me many times. The plants are apparently like a jungle for their barbies--oooh what fun. Whats the big deal you say? Well, Jax likes to grab everything and anything and put it into the toilet...its really bad when you really have to go to the bathroom you run in there look down and oh, gee there's a candle, toothbrush (mike's--I hope), candle holder, lego and something that looks like it could of been a card but is now starting to fall apart its really hard to tell. Before you can do your business you have to get everything out of the toilet-which is gross in itself. By the time you get done getting everything out your not only about to pee your pants you also feel like vomiting! Oh, I can't wait for tommorrows toilet surprise! Next time I will take pictures for those of you who don't believe me!

Little League Disclaimer

Okay, so my blog is intended for family and when I blog a lot of the time I vent out frustrations. Mostly these frustrations are about my kids and the many different troubles they get into. Occationally I get frustrated with other things as well. I am not out to get anyone or make people mad. The little league tournament has made me a bit frustrated but thanks to my writing it is gone over- done -with. Next time I will be more careful what I write or I will make my blog private.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Little League

Okay so I understand competition, I mean PLEASE, I am a Yorgesen after all. Our family lives for competition so I understand it. But even I don't get some of the crap that goes on in our small town. So heres whats going on...I volunteered ( I know crazy) to organize the L. L. tournaments this year. No problem right, well apparently not. First let me tell you that last year I coached and my team made it to the tournament and we took 3rd. While we were there my team was playing by different rules than all other 3 teams (hard to explain but it has to do with infield balls and "stations") so I get upset everyone tells me 'oh, well you should of known.' Thus this is why I volunteered to run these tournaments as I felt everyone should be told up front.
Back to my story, supposidly I am in charge. I guess that means that everyone that is a coach can call me and tell me who I need to get to ump, because they "know people that know the rules". What the H is that supposed to mean? Like I don't? The problem is that this particular coach had a problem with me umping one of the games her team played. Apparently all she has to do is call the President of the L.L. and that means it all goes her way. What am I doing wasting all my time for? I just have a problem when people start calling me out of the blue and telling me they were told I needed umps that know the rules. I personally thought it would be best to get umps from another town so that there were no favorites being played. Come on...people I coached last year, got all the memos from this years meetings, and I have been ump for a whole bunch of games this year...I think I know what I am doing. Good grief...I guess this is what I get for living in such a small competitive place.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Good Grief--not again

Okay here we go again...(I tried to publish this and it keeps getting erased!) SO remember when I first started blogging. Molly and Mikaydi and their toilet episodes...well I guess its Jax's turn. He pulls himself up to the toilet and then likes to play in the water--yuck! It is so gross I want to vomit!! I mean it is a miracle that kids don't get diseases with this kind of stuff they do. Jax still isn't standing on his own--he is way to chicken...but he is a crawling machine. He has finally gotten some more teeth up top. Only now he grinds his bottom and top teeth--annoying! It is like someone running their nails down a chalkboard--ugh! But then he gives you this amazing smile and it just melts your heart--how can you possibly get mad at that! I think this little boy has me wrapped around his fingers.