Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Here is Jax...yes our sixth you think he likes attention? He loves everyone and anyone who will pay attention to him. Jax has Haylee wrapped around his little finger. All he has to do is wimper and she is right there ready to pick him up. She rocks him and he falls asleep in her arms, she changes his diaper, she feeds him baby food, makes bottles, and makes sure that he doesn't choke on whatever he vacuums up off the floor.
Yes, his wish is Haylee's command. I am not sure what we would all do with out her. Jax is in this stage of eating anything and everything thats on the floor (if you need example look at Mike's blog a few times ago). This wouldn't be a bad thing except no one seems to want to clean the floor so there is lots to choose from for Jax.

He is crawling everwhere...luckily he hasn't discovered the toilet yet. That is definitely a blessing! He loves to rip apart our old VHS kidding the other day he had one completely torn apart with tape everywhere! He must get his inginuity from his dad. He definitely looks a lot like Mike, even more so than Frans. It has been fun to watch his personality develop and it is awesome that he is doing much better these days (happy wise). He reminds us of Owen as Owen was a pain in the rump until he could crawl and get around then he was the happiest of kids--seems to be the same with Jax. He is even sleeping in his own bed instead of the swing! On the 30th of this month he will be 9 months old--crazy how time flies.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

An update

Frans had his surgery yesterday. He is doing very good. The doctor said that the fluid he sucked out of his ears was like a thick glue. (No wonder he couldn't hear anything!) He is now bouncing off the walls. Haylee, Molly and Mikaydi had a blast at granny's house. Molly cried and cried because she didn't want to come home (gee I feel great about that). After all the time I spent trying to convince Mike we needed to go on a cruise, and he actually agreed to it, I decided not to do that this year. I know- what a woman I am always changing my mind. There are a few problems with Mike getting time off and us not being able to find the cruise we want, and we decided to do something else with the money. If we want to be able to go to Thanksgiving in Idaho (for the Yorgesen reunion and stay long enough to see the Hokansons) then Mike really can't afford to take a week for a cruise. I am not sad though as we decided I should finally do a program to lose weight and get healthier. So thats what is going on with us and hopefully I will blog soon with picts of Jax.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Strange Visitor

Okay so we had a strange visitor this morning. First let me say that last night Jax was awake a lot. This morning I was resting on the couch (and talking to Trish) when my little girls woke up came into the family room and start crying. Crying in the morning is not an unusual thing for Molly and Mikaydi as they generally wake up grumpy. Then Molly yells at me, "Mom, LOOK!" I turn around and see a TURTLE! I give a little yelp as I wasn't sure what it was at first. Mikaydi is just crying because she is scared and Molly can't decide if she should be scared or just go pick it up like she really wants to do.

I walk over to the turtle, not wanting to touch it (I guess I'm a weenie, too), and when I look back at the girls they all look like this peering over the couch! Molly kept saying, "Mom, don't let it poop on the floor!" Then she'd say, "MOM, it's POOPING!" anytime the turtles tail and head popped out. Mikaydi cried the whole time.

The turtle was moving pretty quickly. I finally decided to wake Mike up (who'd been sleeping because he'd worked all night) and he came and got the turtle and put it into the tub. How did a turtle get into our house? Well, apparently Mike brought it home when he worked all night and put it in a box in the laundry room. It got out and had crawled, who knows how long, around the house.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Date Night?

Last night Mike and I had a little bit of a date night before going to our stake meetings. We went to the Red Lobster (for those of you who know me--they do have steak). We get there in plenty of time for us to make our meetings (Mikes priesthood meeting a little earlier than the combined adult session). However, after the waitress brought our salads she seemed to forget about us. I am not sure how she could have as Jax was completely bouncing off the walls, being nosy and talking and eating all the cheese rolls. It took like 45 minutes from the time we got our salads before we got our meal! At this point we know that we are definitley going to miss Mike's meeting. We get our meal and I bit into my steak...and it is like RARE (I guess the sawing through the hide and hearing the "moo" should of gave me a warning). I finish my potatoe all the while looking for our waitress to let her know that my steak is not done. By the time she showed back up I'd decided that if we wanted to make our next meeting then we'd better just go. She boxed it up for Mike (as he likes his steak rare). Then we get to the stake center-early we thought the meeting started at 7 but it didn't start til 7:30. As we are waiting for the meeting to start I start to feel really really sick. I excuse myself and spend the next 15 minutes in the bathroom trying to decide if I should sit or kneel before the toilet. It was terrible! Finally, I get enough courage to go back out and get Mike. I tell him that we have to go home now--I feel way too sick to stay. On the way to the car I heaved several times. With a quick stop for some sprite at Wal-Mart we went home and I spent the rest of the night moaning and in the bathroom, in between Jax being awake as well and Mike being frustrated because he is not sleeping.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Is Santa Coming Tomorrow?

Okay so what month is it? Oh, yeah MARCH...and yet Molly seems to think Santa is coming. I wonder why she might have this strange idea when we are so close to spring and summer? Perhaps it is the christmas tree still up in our family room? Mike has decided to leave it up all year--"you could decorate it seasonally, you know like with Easter eggs or something." The problem with this is that he is entirely too serious about this. Has anyone ever seen "Everybody Loves Raymond"? For those of you who have, remember the episode with the cheese in the suit case? I'll explain for those who haven't or don't remember this episode...because it has become a symbol of my life. In this episode Ray gets home from a trip for work and refuses to put away his suitcase. Debra thinks he should put it away. So for like two months the suit case stays on the stairs in their house. Each time one or the other passes it they are upset their spouse doesn't put it away. Finally Ray thinking he's going to teach Debra a lesson puts cheese in the suitcase. About a week or so goes by and it starts to smell really really bad. Debra notices and opens the suit case then get mad because there is cheese in the suit case and realizes what Ray is up to. Ray asks Debra if she smells that smell and she says she doesn't and so on so it goes on for quite sometime and is very funny. So apparently the Christmas Tree is our 'cheese in the suitcase' at our house. Mean while Molly keeps asking when Santa's comming with her presents.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cruise or Hawaii Results...

Okay so after a long pow wow with Mike we (thanks to you guys) have decided on an Alaskan Cruise if we can get it for the right price. Yes, Mike has relented (after much proof that we can afford it from me) and has given consent to go somewhere...preferably a cruise to Alaska. YEA!!! Can I say it again--YEA!!!! Thanks for your imput and very fun comments. It is always nice to know that someone is reading my blog. Oh, yeah you guys should check out Mike's blog--his latest writings about Jax is pretty funny. YEA! I get to go somewhere with my husband!!! YEA! (Now watch some sort of finacial tragedy will pop up!)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wrestling Time Again...

Okay to this first picture is of Frans in his second match in Mattawa last Saturday. His first match he pretty much just rolled over and laid on his back. Before his second match I told him I would give him a dollar if he stayed off his back. He went out there and totally went after it! He got his first pin! Yeah Frans! In his third match he lost on points but he stayed off his back for his second dollar. I guess he needed some motivation besides just winning (whats the fun in that)apparently the right kind of motivation is money for Frans.

This is Owen in his first match, same tournament as Frans, and he did a really good job. It was a tough match up and he won by one point. He went on to lose his second and third matches. He did really well at the begining of both matches but then something happens and he gets frustrated then its all down hill from there. He got pinned the second time and the third match he lost by one point. At the end of the day he had a huge scratch down his face and his eyes hurt from not being able to breath (he got a little choked on the last match). I keep trying to help him learn how to shake it off and move on but its hard to teach that I guess. I am really pleased with both boys and how hard they worked all day. After the second match Owen wanted to quit wrestling, "never do it again!" After a little pow wow with me he deceided that he could go ahead and keep wrestling. I told Owen that if it wasn't fun he shouldn't do it...he still thinks its fun and in fact asked if we could go to the tournament this next weekend. Unfortunately we can't because I have to work and these tournaments are way too much stress for Mike.

Hawaii vs Alaska Cruise

Okay I am putting this out there so everyone can vote! Which would you prefer an Alaska Cruise or Hawaii, both for 7 days? I am in now desperate attempts to convince Mike of one or the other. If he still won't budge--I think I will just go with my friend Shelly and my Mom! Here's your chance to chime in on which you think would be best!