Sunday, August 24, 2008


I was watching one of my favorite "oldie" movie today, Your Mine and Ours (the old one--with Henry Fonda), and I was in awe of the values they taught in that movie. In today's movie we always have to be on guard because it always seems there's at least 'one bad part' or questionable part in even the G rated movies...yes there is a swear word in Disney's "Cars" movie. The one part in YM&O movie that I really liked was when Colleen, the oldest teenage daughter of Helen North, asks her step father, Henry Fonda's character, about what true love is. What he tells her rings in my heart as trueth, even though it is in a movie. He tells her that true love is not the making out part of life. He tells her to take a look around (they were getting ready to have another baby) and look at her mother. That this, having babies, was what true love is all about...its about the day to day routine, the making sandwhiches and washing windows and having babies that is what real love is...its looking at your spouse when their washing clothes or making dinner and loving them that is what real love is. He goes on to tell her that no amount of long haired boys will change that fact no matter what lies they are telling her, about how she is the only one no doing "it". I want my kids to watch this oldie movie and hear what he has to say about it. It is a true classic that premotes good values--I wish there were more movies like this one out there now days.