Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Here is Haylee cleaning her room...the kids had to get their rooms cleaned before they could dye easter eggs. (She got to do a few) Owen, Frans, Molly, Mikaydi all had a blast dying eggs.
Owen was consentrating so hard, to get the eggs to look just right--it was pretty funny. Molly and Mikaydi just loved putting the eggs in all the colors. It was a fun day. Later on we had the cousins come out from Mattawa and we all got to run around and play. The kids all got to go and find easter eggs. It is fun to see the older boys, Tyler, Jens, Brayden helping the youngers and then finding their own eggs.

We chained up bear (the dog) and the kids were out there getting him riled up. Mikaydi got caught in the cross fire and bear knocked her into the pond outside...very funny. She didn't think it was too funny until we took her picture. We had a fun day.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Wal-Mart Mayhem!!

Today Haylee had theropy in Tri-Cities (she has this twice a week) so we are running late, as usual, and Mikaydi would not stay in her car seat (yes, she has learned the hudini tricks). For about 5--okay more like 15-miles I thought of all the possible excuses I could give a police officer. Not feeling like any sounded good or would even work I pulled over and gave her a spanken and told her to stay in her seat. Things got progressively worse throughout the day. A few miles into Tri-Cities Molly starts barfing all the while wailing that she is not sick its the seat belt that did it--"see I shouldn't have to wear it, it squishes my tummy!" I get Haylee to her appointment and tell her to go up on her own while I clean Molly and find the dirty spare shorts that are in the car. I was supposed to do my monthly shopping today but decided against it because of Molly--we will just make a quick stop at Wal Mart for the essentials. From the moment we walked into Wal Mart to well after we left Mikaydi cried, and cried and cried! IT WAS TERRIBLE! I tried to ask her what was wrong and she was crying so hard I could never understand her. This may have been barable or even tolarable except for all the people that kept asking me if these were all my children! I wanted to tell them no I had two more that were in school, but I kept my mouth shut. Of course I was trying to be patient because after all between Molly running down the aisle and Mikaydi crying people were acting as if we were lepers or somehting...I mean woman would squish up against product to avoid us as we walked by--seriously. Haylee whom normally is a big help and her own issues today. No matter where we were she kept running into me--once I even triped over her nearly falling. I kept telling her--you know in a perfectly controlled voice--"stand back away from me!" I tripped over her at least four times while trying to put the groceries into the cart. Then once again-"Are all these your children?" UGH!!! Finally we get to the parking lot and I think 'a last home free!' Until of course Mikaydi, who is still crying, refuses to get into the car. I tell you I think I showed great restraint--I simply said, "okay, stay here then." Walked around got into the car...I knew she had a high pitched scream but I tell you she reached new octives right then, the dogs were howling in the neighborhood--if that gives you any indications. Needless to say she decided to get into the car. I thought for sure she'd go to sleep on the way home--no such luck. She just sulked--but at least it was silent!! Next time I think I will wear a t-shirt that says, "yes, they are all mine and yes I know how to prevent it". People are noisy. One of these days I'll probably be reported to CPS--good grief!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Granny vs the Billy Goat

Okay this has got to be the funniest thing ever! Peter and ShaRee have this goat...a big goat. In fact it is so big had I seen it before I came into their house I wouldn't have left the car. Its got horns and will charge you. As we were talking about this monstrous goat, my mom (granny) tells us her confrontation with this goat. When the goat came up to her and tried to ram her she just reached out and grabbed the horns! The whole time she's thinking, 'okay, now what do I do?' Then the goat goes up on its hind legs! Its front hooves swinging and yet she is still holding on to its horns! Okay, just close your eyes and imagine this--too bad we don't have video. So back to the situation, not knowing what else to do she kicks the goat in the nards (you know what I mean)! The goat runs away...I can hardly stop laughing as I write this...I can just picture Granny out there doing this...it is way too funny. Way to go Granny!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

"Spring" Break?

Okay so this is how our spring break is going...cold weather, wind lots of wind and SNOW! If we were in Idaho it wouldn't be that big a deal but we're not! Notice all the junk in the back yard, well we were supposed to be cleaning all that up and doing yard work this week--yeah right! So it looks like we'll have to wait some more before tackling the yard....I bet you can hear my children crying because they wanted to do it so bad (more like cheering)! I could barely get Owen to stay out there long enough for the picture--he was freezing...Mikaydi wouldn't stay outside. I guess this is further evidence of Global Warming...you know the temperature is supposed to actually increase not decrease, right?