Friday, January 11, 2008

Nusery--A dangerous place...

Mikaydi goes to nursery now during church, and well lets just say about two weeks ago we got to see what she was made of... All she did was run into another child and apparently she took the brunt of it because the other child doesn't have a mark. I guess she needed to prove how tough she is because Molly started Sunbeams. The picture above is about a week after it happened. The picture below is the day it happened. You really can't tell how badly it is swollen from the picture but it was swollen bad.

The funny thing is that they didn't even come get Mike or me because she didn't cry and so they didn't realized she'd been so banged up. I guess Molly better watch out--Mikaydi is going to start fighting back. It is absolutely amazing how kids bounce back...I think I'd be whinning forever if that were my face!

Owen's Baptism