Sunday, September 13, 2009

What was he thinking?

Okay so I guess start with the bottom picture first! Owen thought it would be funny to put all of his pencil top erasers on his face. It was kind of funny and we all had a laugh until he took them off. Oh, yeah they left like little hickey marks all over his face. The bottom picture was like 3 days ago and the top two pictures are today. Yeah, he still has the marks and they are not fading. I am glad that picture day was last week other wise he'd have picture of pock face boy. I am sure that the school will be calling me tomorrow asking what is wrong with Owen. Good grief I do not understand boys sometimes. What a goof ball!

First Day of School Picts

Here are some first day pictures of the kids. We are starting on our 3rd week of school tomorrow. Finally the kids are getting into the routine of homework, practicing guitar (owen), and riding the bus. Frans is in 1st grade and a very responsible student--always gets his homework done fast...he might get in trouble if he doesn't. Owen's in 4th grade and trying to deal with the major increase in homework load, he is also excited because he made the top reading group (which also increases the homework load). Haylee is in 6th grade, her last year in elementary school, she is much more into her looks this year. I guess this is a good thing but I am having to adjust to the mom just doesn't understand attitude. She has gotten pretty tall over the summer she is now 5'1 I only have 4 1/2 inches on her! Life keeps moving on at a fast pace for us.