Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New School Year 2011-2012

Frans, Molly, Owen....Frans 3rd grade, Molly 1st, Owen 6th...Mikaydi starts kinder next week. Everyone is so excited for school to start. Frans & Molly the most excited. Owen excited to be a 6th grader not excited for homework...neither am I to tell the truth. I am a mom that HATES homework. For some reason I have to sit right next to each child (with the exception of Frans) and make sure they do it. When you have 5 kids in school that is a lot of time. Jeepers--that is a depressing thought. On the good side I get to have all my kids in school & I get to entertain Jax all day (Oh, wait is that supposed to be a good thing?) ! It is amazing how life keeps progressing and moving forward--if we are ready or not!

Here is Haylee on her first day of 8th Grade.

She is panicked because she is late...

Apparently, this year will be like last year...no matter what time I wake her she is always late. Ahhh teenagers! Haylee has decided she really like boys...after the guys camping next to us this summer showed an interest in her. Wow--big difference in how they care about appearance when they are interested in boys. In February she will be 14 and gets to go to dances (really are we really talking about that already?) Well I know it is a good thing for her but a tiny part of me is scared out of my ever living mind!! Who knows what else this year will bring?