Monday, November 24, 2008


Okay so I got a few comments about my memories and I just want to say that nothing is in any particular order. The memories just happened to be what I was thinking about that day. I am going to add some sibling memories though today 1 week later.

I remember that Bret doing the whole Bill Cosby face (with the hands) thing while listening to his walkman...Kattie and I thought he was sooo cool!
I remember all the skiing with Jerry...I looked up to him so I tried anything he wanted me too...shall I say jumps...molgals (I didn't realize what they were when I agreed to go down the hill).
Peter and I have a lot of good some not so much but I will always remember him running down the hiking trails with me...he made me feel like I was the neatest person in the world that day. I also remember going to the fair with him...riding on his many many different rafts and trying out his forts.
Kattie and I have a lot of memories probably because we're the only girls...I remember racing Robert and we beat but only now do I realize how dangerous.
Frans...ahhh the pesky little brother...I remember scaring him and Tim to death on several occasions...or when he broke my arm...when we would watch a movie Frans, Peter and me (I think it was the Trinity or something like that trilogy) we would die laughing. I remember him snoring in church as a kid.
Yes I have a ton of memories and not all of them involve accidents. Just thought I throw these out there today.

Monday, November 17, 2008


So it was my birthday yesterday so I thought I would write a bit about me. Since I am 32 here are 32 things:
8 wishes
1. To get out of debt
2. Get Skinny
3. Go with my kids to Disneyland or World
4. Go on a cruise with Mike (no kids)
5. Get Haylee’s IEP team to actually get her what she needs
6. Have a scrapbooking weekend
7. Get all the kid’s scrapbooks up to date
8. Have the entire house stay clean for a week (as long as I’m wishing why not go for gold)
8 things I am thankful for

1. I am alive
2. My testimony
3. My kids
4. Mike
5. My house—even if its not clean
6. I have a car
7. My bed
8. My Extended Family

8 Memories

1. Playing on the Potato Digger
2. Riding in Popcorn (potato truck) with my Mom
3. Falling off the edge of the pick-up waking up with Dad taking care of me
4. with my friends and Mom
5. Leon falling on his back in the shop
6. Sleeping on the trampoline
7. Swimming in the pond…ditches
8. Dad’s annual hike of Death

8 things I look forward to in the future

1. Being a grandma
2. Being able to attend the temple weekly
3. Seeing my kids get married in the temple
4. Spoiling grandkids
5. Traveling with Mike after we retire
6. Going on a mission
7. A clean house
8. Seeing the bottom of the laundry bucket

After Church Mayhem

After church is over we are always anxious to get home…so we race to the car. Well this particular Sunday (Nov. 9th) Frans and Owen went to get Frans’ birthday treat from the bishop and the rest of the kids and I went to the car to wait for them. We waited for awhile then I turned to Haylee and said that I would be right back I was going to look for Frans and Owen. After I find Frans and Owen and tell them to hurry I go back to the car (with a teacher in tow—as he was getting something from my car) as I turn to go out the doors I see Haylee. I ask her what she is doing and of course she had to go to the bathroom. I begin to run out to the car as this leaves Jax, Molly and Mikaydi alone in the car---TROUBLE! I get to the car and they had locked the doors. Of course I thought Molly would be able to open the doors after all she is four. I flag down Trish and so here we are: Trish, Stefan (teacher), me and the older kids all trying to get Mikaydi or Molly to open the door. Somebody should have been videoing this as we may have won ten thousand dollars on AFV. Molly would keep hitting the L button but not the U for unlock. I send someone in to get Mike and he comes out and commands Molly to hit the U button—okay she is only four and I know for a fact she doesn’t know what U is. Meanwhile Jax just starts screaming and I am trying to get Molly or Mikaydi to give him his bottle. Finally Molly just pulls the latch to unlock the back door…victory we got in. Never a dull moment in the lives of the Hokanson’s!


Here are Owen’s Disneyland picts. He loved going with Granny and Papa. I told mom and dad that I wished they were my grandparents. His favorite ride was the tower of Terror and the Indiana Jones Ride oh and Space Mountain and … well you get the point. He had fun. Thanks Granny and Papa!


Here we are at Halloween. I went as a very tired Mom, Mike went as a KGB agent, Haylee was a witch, Frans was Darth Vader, Molly was a witch, Mikaydi was a princess, and Jax a pumpkin. We missed having Owen there but knew he was having fun at Disneyland. I love Halloween it’s the only time of year you can really dress like a freak and no even bats an eye!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Mikaydi the Artist

Okay so since I've been working Mike has been babysitting. See what happens when Dad is in charge. Mikaydi the artist.

Don't you hate it when...

Okay so its been awhile but I have been extremely busy. I have started working at the library three days a week and you'd be amaze d how much time 10 hours really takes up. As you know we have been trying to potty train Mikaydi. I wanted to take some drastic measures and hose her down if she had an "acident"...Mike wanted us to be patient and loving. I didn't buy this type at all. I hate to admit it but after two weeks Mike's method has worked Mikaydi hasn't worn a pull-up, except at night and church, for about a week. Don't you hate it when your husband it right...ugh! I much prefere the I told you so side of things.