Wednesday, June 18, 2008

9 pound mass

This is the first meeting of Hokanson #6 (Jax Michael, perhaps). Looking a little cramped considering that he's got 3 more weeks to go. Also bum down not head down. Can't deliver a baby that is over 9 lbs, breach. Have been scheduled (BOO HOO) for a C-Section on July 8th. Now we are praying for baby to turn and water to break within the next week before baby grows into an undeliverable baby, therefore also c-section. Trying to hold in my tears and fears while Mike is in his happy place, otherwise known as Scout Camp. Mike doesn't know this info yet but will be finding out tonight from the neighbor who drove up today. I didn't post the obscene boy parts because it might be considered pornography because they are definitely BOY PARTS!!