Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mikaydi is in KINDERGARTEN!!

Today is Mikaydi's first day of Kindergarten & she was so excited. Owen (in 6th) was like "Oh, man if only she knew what homework is really like...she wouldn't ever want to go." I had to laugh what a typical kid response. Owen was excited to help her on to the bus though. Molly was very excited Mikaydi gets to go as well. I can't believe my baby girl is going to school...time seems to be flying. I only have one more at home & Jax thinks its great. He has been lying around in his underwear all morning watching his movies. In a day or two I expect he will be bored of that and looking for me to start playing with him. Mikaydi is so excited to be able to ride the bus with her syblings--in fact she did not want me to take her today. She wanted to ride the bus with "Molly". All I can do is hope that I have taught her everything she needs to know from "Momma School" & she can be a good student & friend & example.